Argo Athletic Summer Camps 2023

Argo Athletic Summer Camp Registration is now open!! Please click on the link below to register for summer camps. Please create an acccont or login with your 8to18 email and password to view and register for summer camps.  

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Registration Instructions 

In order for a student to participate in a summer camp at Argo Communiity High School , a parent/guardian must register their participants on the school's "8 to 18" website prior to the first day of camp.

Parents/guardians will establish their own login credentials to register their students, provide necessary information, approve required forms, and pay online.

Registration Directions

  • Create an account if you do not already have an 8 to 18 account; parents/guardians will use this account information each time they register a student for camp. (Note: Parents/guardians who already have established login credentials to register a student for a Argo High School sport can use the same login and password to access 8 to 18 to register for camps.)
  • Click "Begin Registration" and either add a participant or select a participant who already is listed.
  • Provide the required information for the student who is being registered.
  • Complete the required fields and pay online.


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