About Us

Fairfield Community High School (FCHS) exists to assist attending students in developing and expanding their intellectual, physical, emotional and social well-being.

Our school is located in Fairfield, Illinois, a rural community in Southeastern Illinois. The district encompasses an area of 243 square miles of Wayne County. Approximately 50% of the students that attend FCHS live in rural areas, rather than within the city limits of Fairfield.

Four elementary institutions send their eighth grade graduates to our school: Center Street Elementary, Jasper Community Consolidated School, New Hope School, and Geff Community Consolidated School.


Fairfield, the home of our school, was laid out as a town in 1819, receiving its name because no "fairer field" could be found in Southern Illinois, other than the plain chosen.

After ten years of existence, there were 100 inhabitants in Fairfield. A bank was started in the year 1856 and the first school was taught in any building that was vacant and convenient. The first brick schoolhouse was built in 1874.

The town became incorporated in 1856 and according to the last census, the current population of Fairfield is approximately 5200. Economically, the community in Fairfield derives most of its income from agribusiness.


The enrollment sum at FCHS is roughly 415 students, with an attendance rate of around 95.5%. FCHS has a certificated staff of thirty-two individuals, of which seventeen have a Master's Degree or higher. The following two administrators are within the building daily: the district superintendent/principal and assistant principal/athletic director. Five teachers' aides are also employed and provide services to assist school operations.