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GHS Invites Community to Engage with New, Interactive Athletics Archive
Dec. 15, 2018
After years of collecting, categorizing, and caring for the Geneva  Vikings’ rich athletic history, Geneva High School is unveiling a new,  digital athletics archive to the community — and inviting them to help  close gaps between the years.  
The GHS Athletic Archives website is now displayed at the GHS Contest Gym Foyer on a large, touchscreen  TV mounted across a locally handmade trophy case. Its location is ideal  for fans to gather and interact with while attending home games and  activities, says Athletic Director Dave Carli. “We have such a rich  athletic history in Geneva,” he said. “We are now trying to display that  tradition in one location.”  
Carli had learned of such a digital archive from other high schools. So,  he turned to Assistant Athletic Director Matt Hahn. “Matt has just run  with the project. He takes such great pride in his work.” 

Hahn, who also is the social studies department chair at GHS, combined  his passion for history and sports and poured it into this project. He  says he began gathering photos and records several years ago that had  been found throughout halls and corners of the school. He then began organizing, and cross-referencing. “It will never be finished,” he said.  “It’s been a labor of love — more work than anticipated, but it’s worth way more than anticipated.”  
The website is also accessible from any computer or mobile device, so  community members can browse from anywhere in the world, Carli added. The site is organized into three main categories of accolades: Athletes, Teams, and Hall of Fame. Under the Athletes section, the categories  displayed include All-Conference, All-State, and State Qualifier. Under  the Teams section, visitors can search by Sport, Graduation Year, or Award (Conference Champions, Regional, Sectional, or State). Under Hall  of Fame, visitors can search by Individuals or Teams.
Some of the records date back as far as the 1920s, but there are gaps  that remain, and the community is encouraged to help source information  or provide copies of photos if they have them tucked away in scrapbooks  or newspapers. “We are asking that our community visit the website,  browse the categories that exist, and send us copies of any photos or  names that you may have that are missing,” Hahn said.  
Community members are asked to allow the high school time to collect and  cross-reference all submissions. While the high school would love to collect all sports history, to keep the project manageable they ask only  for submissions that fall into the categories that currently exist on  the website.  
This project also could not have been realized without the support and  generosity of many others, Hahn and Carli agree. The Geneva Vikings All  Sports Boosters purchased the touchscreen monitor and software for this  project. Geneva parent Tom Kohorst hand-built the immense wooden  shelving case that will eventually house school trophies and awards. The  school district’s technology and operations & maintenance departments offered their expertise to install the TV and lighting  units. And countless staff and community members have already  contributed photos and information to help enrich the site contents.  
This is the first time Vikings’ history has been captured in this way,  said Carli. “You would have to go to the library archives otherwise, but  it wouldn’t be displayed and organized in such a rich  way.” The  website also displays the current athletic schedule and the department’s  Twitter feed.  
“This is for our community,” Carli said. “We hope everyone enjoys seeing and celebrating these athletes from long ago.”
Visit the archive at To contribute content to the archive, please email To support future endeavors by the Geneva Vikings All Sports Boosters, to volunteer or donate, please visit


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