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The National Honor Society mandates that members be selected on the basis of Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service. Membership is determined on the following basis:

Scholarship: Juniors and seniors with a G.P.A. in the top 20% of their respective classes will be ACADEMICALLY ELIGIBLE. Character, leadership, and service are also considered.

Character: The National Honor Society Handbook states, “Any member who deliberately violates a school (code, regulation, rule) or civil law or acts in a manner unbecoming as a member of the National Honor Society, should be dismissed. For flagrant violations the member does not necessarily have to be warned.” The Advisory Committee will review the discipline and attendance records.

Faculty members have an opportunity to vote confidentially for induction of candidates known by the faculty member. The faculty member “should consider the positive aspects of character, including honesty, responsibility, fairness, courtesy, tolerance, and cooperation.”

Leadership: Advisers, sponsors, directors, and coaches of events, activities, clubs, and sports will be asked to consider a candidate’s leadership contributions: situations in which students are directly responsible for directing or motivating others. Classroom leadership will also be considered by the faculty.

Service: Candidates are given the opportunity to list service contributions. No more than two activities (school and/or community) from each of the freshman and sophomore years and three activities from the junior and, in the case of seniors, the senior year will be considered. The appropriate adviser, sponsor, director, or coach will be asked to verify the candidate’s service.

Students who are academically eligible in the junior year, but are not inducted, may still be considered for membership in the senior year. In order for students to remain members in good standing, the student must maintain the required G.P.A. and service hours must be completed.