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Play Golf for $5 or less!

The price of a round of golf shouldn’t be a barrier for a young person who wants to play – that’s where Youth on Course comes in.

We provide our 130,000+ members with access to play over 1,800 golf courses for $5 or less, giving them opportunities to learn lessons that can be taught in a way only a golf course can. And beyond affordable golf, we provide opportunities for young people to get the support they need to succeed through our career prep, leadership and scholarship programs.


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  • Boys & Girls Golf
  • David Prim 8th Place
  • Go Bengals!
  • Justin Gibbs 10th Place
  • Ryan Lipsett 8th Place
  • Tayler Schade 9th Place
  • Medal Winners
  • JV Medal Winners
  • Varsity Medal Winners
  • Aaron Mabe 9th Place
  • Varsity Boys Golf 2021
  • 2017 IHSA Class 2A Boys Golf Regional Tournament
  • 2017 Boys Golf Class 2A Regional Champions
  • 2017 Boys Golf Class 2A Regional Champions