Mission Statement

Athletic Philosophy – Oregon C.U.S.D. #220       

The mission of Oregon School District 220 is to educate students to be lifelong learners who are productive and responsible citizens. It is our belief that the lessons learned through athletic participation and competition fully complement and reinforce this mission. The following information clarifies and explains the focus, goals, and basic philosophy of athletics in Oregon C.U.S.D. #220 at the various levels of competition:

Varsity Athletics

We believe that a primary and significant goal of OHS varsity athletics is to win games and compete at a high level year in and year out for conference and post-season championships. We expect our varsity athletes to maximize their athletic potential and leave a legacy for future student-athletes. We expect athletes to demonstrate a significant commitment to the program(s) they participate in. Oregon coaches will work to maintain and further develop our athletes’ leadership skills as well as positive character traits through the Hawk core values that will help prepare them for life ahead.

Playing time at this level is earned in daily practice and games by displaying a high level of skill, tremendous effort, and positive attitude. This determination will be made by coaches in an effort to maximize winning and will be made regardless of the grade level of the athlete.


Lower Level High School Athletics

We believe that a primary goal of lower level athletics at OHS is for athletes to make significant improvement in the skills and techniques specific to the sport(s) they are participating in. In addition, Oregon coaches will help and expect athletes at these levels to improve strength (both physically and mentally), develop and acquire a desire to compete at a high level, and develop and understand the concept of being a good teammate and the various roles that coincide with such.  Athletes will develop a foundational understanding of the five core values associated with that of being an Oregon Hawk.

Playing time at these levels is determined by coaches in an effort to balance the desire to win along with developing skills of the athletes on the entire roster. An athlete’s skill level, effort, and attitude are considered. There is no “guarantee” of playing time at any level of OHS athletics.


Junior High Athletics

We believe that a primary goal of junior high athletics is for children to develop the basic skills of the specific sport(s) while also learning and being exposed to the expectations and situations associated with a competitive athletic environment. Oregon coaches will help create an enjoyable practice and game environment while at the same time teach the important aspects/expectations of participating and representing the school and community as a “student-athlete”. Coaches will introduce the five core values associated with being an Oregon Hawk with a focus on “accountability” and being “coachable” at this level.

Playing time at this level is again determined primarily by attitude and effort displayed in practice. Coaches’ observation of these characteristics, along with a player’s skill level, will determine an individual’s opportunity in either “A” or “B” level contests as the season schedule allows.


“Feeder” Level Athletics

We believe that all programs feeding into O.C.U.S.D. 220 athletic programs should strive to develop the core skills specific to a given sport, ensure no barriers to participation, and introduce the game in a manner that provides a fun and enjoyable experience. These experiences should create a further desire for athletes to participate later on during their time as student-athletes in OCUSD #220.

Playing time, although not always equal, should be allotted to all participants (unless extenuating circumstances are present)