Mission Statement

Rockford Public Schools Athletics



Rockford Public Schools believes that a dynamic program of student activities is an integral part of educational and personal development. Participation in sport produces life lessons that will be used beyond the court and beyond high school years. Our philosophy is to use athletics to teach our students a number of lifelong values, including sportsmanship, teamwork, humility, commitment and personal accountability, and the ability to persevere through adversity.


Our belief is that participation on an athletic team is a privilege and not a right. Coaches and district athletic staff will have final say on all team issues including, but not limited to, playing time and roles. Parents and guardians who allow their students to participate agree to defer all team decisions to the coaching staffs.


Rockford Public Schools believes athletics should emphasize participation and development at the elementary and middle school levels. With each advancing level in high school athletics, emphasis will be placed more and more on success, as we strive to offer successful athletic programs for our student-athletes. It is part of our philosophy that in order to reach high levels of success, year-round development, strength training and emphasis on feeder programs is expected of all athletes and coaches.



Rockford Public Schools provides a variety of extracurricular experiences to enhance the development of our students. We maintain academics as a priority, with athletics serving as a tool to help advance and enhance student athletes in the classroom and prepare them for successful futures. We make every effort to offer our student-athletes the best coaching, facilities and equipment to help make their experiences positive.


Core Values

Sportsmanship: Our behaviors will represent Rockford Public Schools in a positive way, as we demand positive attitudes and high levels of sportsmanship both on and off the playing field.


Commitment: By participating in Rockford Public Schools extracurriculars, all participants, regardless of level or ability, agree to fully commit to the rules and standards of their teams and coaches.


Ongoing: Participants will have an ongoing commitment to Rockford Public Schools athletics, showing school pride and respect off the court and beyond their years of competition.


Respect: All Rockford Public Schools student-athletes will treat one another, coaches, opponents and officials with respect at all times.


Everyone: The expectation is that everyone involved in Rockford Public Schools athletics will follow the core values.