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There are no Science Olympiad (N) games from 06 Wed, July 2022.

Science Olympiad | Combined

Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization devoted to science education, and it organizes Science competitions in grades K-12. The Guilford team has competed in Division C through Illinois Science Olympiad for the past four years.

  • Last year we competed in two invitational competitions, the regional competition at RVC, and we went to State!!!
  • The team meets once per week after school and optional Saturday mornings from ten-noon.
  • Some events require study time and other events require hands-on building time.
  • The season begins in October and runs at least through the end of March (through April if we make it to State).
  • Competition Dates:
    • The Harlem Invitational is 12/9/2017
    • The Auburn Invitational is 1/13/2018
    • The Regional Competition at RVC is 3/10/2018
  • For more information, you may contact Mrs. Polak.      
  • Ph: 815-654-4870       Room: 191   Email:


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