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There are no Band (C) games from 28 Tue, March 2023.

Band | C

Music Classes (Band and Chorus)

Mr. Czubachowski or Mr. C

E-mail: bczubachowski@hallhighschool502.com         Phone: 815-664-2100 ext. 143


When entering the music room:

  1. Be sure to read the white board for the schedule
  2. Put your music in the order as posted for the day.

Class will always be:

  1. Brief announcements / Attendance
  2. Warm-up (producing a good sound, correct breathing, and sight reading)
  3. Music review / learning of new sections within songs or new music.
  4. Closing reminders will be sometime within the last 5 minutes of class.

Rules for the classroom are:

  1. Know your part so you can learn others parts around you.
  2. Do NOT play instruments or piano without specific permission from Mr. C.
  3. Be prepared to participate each day.
  4. Grading occurs daily according to your participation and improvement of assigned part.
  5. Other grading will include homework, pop quizes, and tests. All this will be over materials we are currently learning.
  6. Some days you will have harder or easier parts than other students or sections around you.If you have learned your part well please help others in your section or learn how our part works with those around you.
  7. When another section is learning their part, you should listen to instruction.You may have to perform similarly..(in other words don’t talk, follow along, and be ready to join in when asked)
  8. The better you know your part and those around you, the better the ensemble (choir or band) can sound as a whole.
  9. Have fun learning to sing or play as a group.
  10. Finally, if you follow these rules each day the concerts will be excellent and we will succeed as a group.


Important Dates to Remember -

10/12/1016 (Wed) - 7:30pm Fall Concert

12/11/2016 (Sun) - 3:00pm Winter Concert

03/01/2016 (Wed) - 7:30pm Early Spring Concert

05/10/17 (Wed) - 7:30pm Spring Concert

04/13/2017 or 04/14/2017 (depending on our assignment) – Choir and Band IHSA Competition

For Band Students -

            If your instrument at anytime is not working please see Mr. C or a professional repair service.  Repairs should NEVER be done by students or parents unless you would later like to spend more money to repair what was actually wrong and the attempted repair.


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