About Us

We are members of the Illinois Central Eight Conference:  Lisle, Wilmington, Coal City, Reed-Custer, Streator, Manteno, Peotone, and Herscher. 

There is some significant travel in this league.  This is done to provide an opportunity for our students to compete against public schools with like enrollments and programs.  This is a well-established and highly regarded small school conference with athletic success at the state level in one activity or another every year.  We do not always play all conference opponents in freshmen level activities but have defined conference schedules for our upper levels of competition.  We do not have conference champions at the freshmen level, but we do host a few freshmen tournaments involving only conference teams.

Football is scheduled by enrollment – while some other sports are scheduled by location – volleyball, baseball, softball.  Not all our activities have a sanctioned conference season since not enough conference schools participate – tennis and bowling are examples of this as few other conference schools offer these sports.  We put together a schedule for these activities looking to schedule as many like school in our area as possible.