Team Stats


The Lady Lions had a strong showing in their season debut at the Reed Custer Invitational. The meet featured several pleasant surprises

Shot Put: Dorothy Lau threw 23’ 11. Last year she had a 25’7 Brittany Hensley threw 23’ 8” Last year Brittany had a 23’8.50” It would have taken at 27’9 to finish among the top six in this event.

Long Jump

Kelly O’Connell finished 4th in the long jump with a 14’ 4.75” She hit this on her first attempt. Audrey Danner jumped 12’ 7.50” Last year’s efforts: Allyson Corona jumped 13’3” and Morgan Fairley jumped 11’3”

Triple Jump:

Allyson Corona jumped 30’ 1/2” and placed 4th overall. Katie Highland finished 7th with a leap of 27’ 3/4”. Last year’s marks: Lisle came away with double points in this event. Megan Hannan took 3rd overall at 30’ 1/2” Allyson Corona jumped 28’ 3.50. This is a good improvement for Allyson, and a good start for Katie.

High Jump

Katie Highland placed 5th with a jump of 4’8. Kelly O’Connell cleared 4’4”. Last year’s results: Nicole Phelps took 4th at 4’6” and Kaitlyn Highland took 5th at 4’6”


3200 Meter Run:

Sarah Spiel finished 3rd overall in 13:57.34. Renee DeSitter took 5th in 14:53.00 Last year Renee DeSitter finished 4th in 15:16.30. Two years ago our top finisher was Meghan Mack who took 4th 14:25.13.

55 Meter Hurdles:

Amy Carrabine finished 6th in the hurdles in 10.12. Last year she ran 10.73 in the hurdles, but did not make the finals.Audrey Danner made her hurdles debut in this meet.

55 meter dash:

Danyale Worsham finished 3rd in 8.13. Kelsey Wilhelm finished 5th in 8.16 Danyale ran 8.19 in the prelims and Kelsey 8.27 Last year Megan Hannan finished 4th in 8.21. She ran her preliminary in 8.21. Danyale Worsham clocked an 8:28 in the finals and finished 5th. She ran 8.26 in the prelims. We scored eight points in the 55!

4x200 Meter Relay: Lisle finished 1st in 2:00.20. Last year we were 3rd in 2:01.05. Morgan Fairley ran 31.76, Kelsey Wilhelm 28.09, Gracie Coletta 32.94, and Danyale Worsham 27.41 Last year’s splits: Kelsey Wilhelm clocked a 30.32, Gracie Coletta had a 20.90, Meg Hannan had a 32.0, and Danyale Worsham anchored at 28.83.

1600 Meter Run:

Sarah Spiel finished 3rd in 6:35.26. Renee DeSitter was 5th in 6:53.58. Last year Keeley Beckman finished 4th in 6:44.40. Two years ago, Lisle’s top runner in the 1600, Ellen DeSitter placed 5th in 6:39.64. Meghan Mack took 9th in 6:53.38.

400 Meter Dash:

Congratulations to Allyson Corona who took 2nd overall in 1:07.62. Last year Allyson ran 1:05.97, which won the event. The winning time this year was 1:05.70. Gracie Coletta took 5th in 1:10.89. Last year Alexandra Zubenko clocked a 1:10.17.

800 Meter Run:

Alexandra Zubenko finished 4th overall thanks to a great last lap surge. She clocked a 2:57.75. Cecily Surma in 3:02.13. Last year Cecily took a solid 4th in 2:57.80. Two year ago she was 7th overall in 2:55.78.

200 Meter Dash: Danyale Worsham took 2nd overall in 29.56. Kelsey Wilhelm was 3rd in 29.95. These are very good times! Last year Megan Hannan finished fourth in 30.10. Kelsey took 5th in 30.68. We earned 14 points in this event!

4X 800 Meter Relay: Lisle placed 3rd in 12:48.17. Last year we were 2nd in 12:22.70. The splits: Katie Highland 3:23, Kelly O’Connell 2:58, Cecily Surma 3:02, and Alexandra Zubenko 3:25.17 Two years ago our splits were Ellen DeSitter 2:57.00, Keeley Beckman 3:07.41, Cecily Surma 2:54.34, and Meghan Mack 3:09.37

.4 x 400 Meter Relay:

Lisle placed 4th in 4:47.96 Last year we were 4th in 4:58.50. Two years ago we were fourth in 4:48.5. The splits: Gracie Coletta: 1:11, Amy Carrabine: 1:13, Audrey Danner: 1:08, and Allyson Corona: 1:15.96. Last year’s splits: Morgan Fairley 1:14.03, Amy Carrabine 1:13.09, Erica Hardy 1:15.07, and Alexandra Zubenko 1:16.31.

Meet Comments and Observations:

I always believed that it would be tough for Lisle to win in track and field once softball was added nineteen years ago. The addition of softball at that time forced the legendary coach Bob Jones into retirement, since he felt it would be difficult to attract the numbers and talent needed to win consistently in track and field. The addition of soccer just a few years back made competing in track and field even more difficult. Now, the top athletes in the school are dividing their talents in three different activities, and some sport will struggle as a result.

The good news is that, at least based upon the results from this meet, it doesn’t appear as if Girls Track is the sport that is suffering.

We are very fortunate to continue to attract talented young ladies who value the competition our sport offers, and that is a direct reflection on every girl in our program.

The boys program doesn’t have to compete for athletes as much as our ladies do, and every time we have results like these in big meets, it just becomes further proof of the sacrifice our girls are willing to put forth to be a part of this program.

Thank you!